What type of piping should the air compressor use


A common question about air compressors is: "Which type […]

A common question about air compressors is: "Which type of pipe fittings series should an air compressor use?" The following are the most common options:


1-PVC pipe

PVC pipes are usually used, but they are not recommended for use with compressed air. Because it is easy to use, cheap and easy to install, it is often used. However, like many plastics, PVC will become brittle, cracked, and broken over time. The heat generated by air compressor oil and compressed air in the pipeline will accelerate the degradation of PVC. These failures, combined with pressurized air, collapsed due to the sharp shrapnel on board.


2-galvanized pipe

Galvanized pipes are usually used for water distribution and general pipes. The galvanized coating resists moisture in the compressed air, but part of the coating will flake off and eventually enter the conveying duct. Debris can severely damage cylinders, pneumatic tools, and other components. More importantly, when leaving the blow gun, a small amount of flakes can cause serious construction damage. It is not recommended to use galvanized pipes for compressed air systems.



3.Black tubes

Black tubes are the most commonly used tubes recommended for compressed air systems. It is easy to use, durable, and most people are familiar with how to install it. However, the black tube has all the advantages. The pipeline is uncoated, and the presence of moisture can cause rust and increase with time. The presence of moisture can be controlled with an aftercooler and / or dryer, but it can never be completely eliminated. In addition, the installation of the triad system requires a lot of time.


4- stainless steel tube

Stainless steel is recommended to minimize corrosion and has a long and successful history. It combines all the strength and durability advantages of black tubes, but without the problem of rust. Like clarinet, most people are familiar with how to install accessories and tubes, but the installation process is very long. Stainless steel pipe threads are also prone to wear and icing, which can cause great difficulties during disassembly and general maintenance. Therefore, Victaulic accessories have been successfully used. Victaulic accessories are equipped with rubber seals and bolt clamps. Due to its light weight, Victaulic fittings are the first choice for larger pipes such as black or stainless steel.