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Spb Water Jet Vacuum Pump

Spb Water Jet Vacuum Pump

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Spb Water Jet Vacuum Pump Details

Pump type

Part material list


No. Name Material
1 Inlet flange FRPP.PVDF
4 Pump body FRPP.PVDF
5 Fluid injection lid FRPP.PVDF
6 Seal film EPDM.FPM
8 Cools the lid FRPP.PVDF
9 Cooling water cover Steel


Internet bound and characteristic

KAIXIN brand Water jet vacuum pump is a patented product developed by our factory, the water pump is molded with FRPP plastic in one
time injection which has many advantage,such as high mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance, clean surface, simple structure
and small volume etc.It is the ideal product to replace the SZ type water ring pump and W type reciprocating vacuum pump in the current
homogenous products, with the longest service life, maximum discharge volume and high vacuum degree.
This pump can take out erosive gas within the temperature of 150°C, and can connect with steam spray pump, moreover, it has been
widely utilized in chemical industry, pharmacy textile, foodstuff, brewage, metallurgy, environment protection, mainly apply in vacuum
oxygen increasing etc. Our factory can supply horizontal and vertical whole set machine, the user also can select other serial of product
such as corrosion resistance pump, check valve, pipe etc.


Parts material table


No. Name Material
1 Spray mouth FRPP.PVDF
2 Rubber pads EPDM.FPM
3 Absorb room FRPP.PVDF
4 Hexagonal bolts and nuts Steel
5 Rubber pads EPDM.FPM
6 2 long nozzle FRPP.PVDF
7 Hexagonal bolts and nuts Steel
8 Rubber pads EPDM.FPM
9 Expand pipe FRPP.PVDF


Whole set type Technical parameters and specifications


Type The limit vacuum
The pledge
vacuum degree(Mpa)
The maximum
suction volume(m3/h)
Necessary centrifugal pump power(Kw) Horizontal set figuration size
RPP-25-20 0.0985 0.098 20 40FP(D)-20(1.5) 800x600x800 Attention:
Terminal vacuum is
according to local
parameter ensure vacuum
RPP-32-30 0.0985 0.098 30 50FP(D)-22(2.2) 800x700x800
RPP-40-60 0.098 0.097 60 40FP(D)-25(3) 1500x900x1150
RPP-54-90 0.098 0.097 90 50FP(D)-28(4) 1500x1000x1200
RPP-54-110 0.0985 0.0975 110 80FP(D)-30(5.5) 1500x1000x1200
RPP-54-180 0.0993 0.098 180 80FP(D)-30(5.5) 1800x1000x1250
RPP-54-220 0.0996 0.0984 220 100FP(D)-32(15) 1850x1000x1300
RPP-65-280 0.0993 0.098 280 80FP(D)-32(7.5) 1900x1000x1300
RPP-65-360 0.0995 0.098 360 100FP(D)-32(11) 2000x1200x1300
RPP-80-500 0.0995 0.098 500 100FP(D)-32(15) 2000x1200x1500
Steam spray pump 0.1 0.0996 Idem Aerated water series connection equip with 180,280,360,working pressure is 0.3Mpa.




RPP Type SPB water jet vacuum pump measured parameter performance curve

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