FRPP Water Jet Vacuum Unit Pump Manufacturers

FRPP Water Jet Vacuum Unit Pump

FRPP Water Jet Vacuum Unit Pump

Custom Horizontal type FRPP Water Jet Complete Vacuum Unit Pump Plastic High Pressure All Models Horizontal Pump for Chemical Industry

Professional Horizontal Plastic FRPP Water Jet Vacuum Unit Pump Units sets For Various Equipment

Brand Name:KXPV

Place of Origin:China

Pressure:custom, High Pressure

Structure:Horizontal Pump



Outlet Size:custom


Product Name:Vacuum Unit


Delivery Time:7 Days

MOQ:1 Piece



Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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FRPP Water Jet Vacuum Unit Pump Details

Application scope and features

Mobile energy efficient and environmentally friendly plastic horizontal water jet pump sets of generators, its centrifugal pumps, ejector,
a buffer tank, Check etc. Using reinforced polypropylene material. Units with light weight, small size, low noise, corrosion resistant nontoxic,
high vacuum, display cement, reasonable structure and reliable in operation. Installation and maintenance is easy. Widely used
in the chemical industry, medicine, textile, food, brewing, metals, light industry, environmental protection and other industriesto absorb
the vacuum, vacuum filtration, crystal Vacuum, vacuum concentration, vacuum drying, vacuum transport, vacuum deodorizer, direct air
Deaerator, vacuum aerobic various crafts, the plant will provide complete sets of vertical unit. The user can choose the plant's production of
corrosion-resistant pumps, check valves, check valves, ball valve, pipeline Series products.



Part material list


No. Name No. Name
1 Iiner 9 Centrifugal pump
2 Short tube 10 Motor
3 Jet pump 11 Check valve
4 Vacuum table 12 Elbow pipe fittings
5 Ball valve 13 Water tanks
6 Elbow pipe fittings 14 Ball valve
7 Vacuum tank 15 Tee-fitting
8 Ball valve 16 Elbow pipe fittings


Pump type


Whole set type Technical parameters and specifications


Type The limit vacuum
The pledge
vacuum degree(Mpa)
The maximum
suction volume(m3/h)
Necessary centrifugal pump power(Kw) Horizontal set figuration size
RPP-25-20 0.0985 0.098 20 40FP(D)-20(1.5) 800x600x800 Attention:
Terminal vacuum is
according to local
parameter ensure vacuum
RPP-32-30 0.0985 0.098 30 50FP(D)-22(2.2) 800x700x800
RPP-40-60 0.098 0.097 60 40FP(D)-25(3) 1500x900x1150
RPP-54-90 0.098 0.097 90 50FP(D)-28(4) 1500x1000x1200
RPP-54-110 0.0985 0.0975 110 80FP(D)-30(5.5) 1500x1000x1200
RPP-54-180 0.0993 0.098 180 80FP(D)-30(5.5) 1800x1000x1250
RPP-54-220 0.0996 0.0984 220 100FP(D)-32(15) 1850x1000x1300
RPP-65-280 0.0993 0.098 280 80FP(D)-32(7.5) 1900x1000x1300
RPP-65-360 0.0995 0.098 360 100FP(D)-32(11) 2000x1200x1300
RPP-80-500 0.0995 0.098 500 100FP(D)-32(15) 2000x1200x1500
Steam spray pump 0.1 0.0996 Idem Aerated water series connection equip with 180,280,360,working pressure is 0.3Mpa.
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