What are the valves used in water treatment projects


The water treatment project is a project to purify, sof […]

The water treatment project is a project to purify, soften, disinfect, remove iron, remove manganese, remove heavy metal ions, and filter the water that does not meet the requirements. Simply put, a "water treatment project" is a project that removes some substances in the water that are not needed for production and life through physical and chemical means. It is the sedimentation, filtration, and filtration of water for specific purposes. A project of water quality conditioning such as coagulation, flocculation, and corrosion and scale inhibition.

The purpose of water treatment is to improve water quality and make it reach a certain water quality standard. According to different treatment methods, there are physical water treatment, chemical water treatment, biological water treatment, etc. According to different treatment objects or purposes, there are two main categories: water supply treatment and wastewater treatment. Water supply treatment includes two types: domestic drinking water treatment and industrial water treatment; wastewater treatment is divided into domestic sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. Among them, the boiler feedwater treatment, make-up water treatment, steam turbine main condensate treatment and circulating water treatment, which are particularly closely related to thermal technology, belong to the category of industrial water treatment.

Water treatment is of great significance for developing industrial production, improving product quality, protecting the human environment, and maintaining ecological balance. Valves are an indispensable part of water treatment engineering. What are the valves for water treatment engineering?

Gate valve: The function is to cut off the water flow. The rising stem gate valve can also see the valve opening size from the height of the valve stem.

Ball valve: used for cutting off, distributing and changing the flow direction of the medium. Open/close valve for general use. Not suitable as a throttle valve, but in a partially open state, it can be used to reduce the pressure entering or exiting the system.

Stop valve: The main function of the water treatment pipeline is to cut off or connect the fluid. The regulating flow of the stop valve is better than that of the gate valve, but the stop valve cannot be used to adjust the pressure and flow for a long time. Otherwise, the sealing surface of the stop valve may be washed by the medium. Corrosion and damage the sealing performance.

Check valve: used to prevent backflow of media in water treatment pipelines and equipment.

Butterfly valve: cut off and throttling function. When the butterfly valve is used for cutting, it is mostly used for elastic sealing, and the material is rubber, plastic, etc. When used for throttling, it is mostly used for metal hard sealing.