What are the management contents of the valve


1. Management of technical data It includes national st […]

1. Management of technical data

It includes national standards and related standards, valve drawings such as assembly drawings and processing drawings of vulnerable parts, valve processing technology and specifications, and related data accounts.

2.The management of valve maintenance

It includes repair and maintenance items, content, cycle, technical conditions, acceptance criteria, maintenance records, maintenance plans, and completion reports.

3. Management of using files

It includes the specifications and models of the valve, manufacturer, working pressure, working temperature, use medium and flow direction, service life, valve number, and name code of the equipment and pipeline where the valve is located, overhaul records and valve replacement records, etc.

4. Operation tour management

It includes operating procedures; patrol management system and patrol route and cycle; valve cleaning, refueling cycle and requirements, operation records, etc.

5. Management of spare parts

It includes restrictions on the maximum and minimum inventory of valves, packings, gaskets, wearing parts, and fasteners; a storage system for spare parts and spare parts, and a storage system. In particular, it is necessary to adhere to the acceptance system before the storage of spare parts and spare parts.

6. Valve quality management

It includes valve quality assurance system, total quality management, pressure test acceptance system, quality control points, personal responsibility system, repair, pressure test, and transfer records.

7. The management of shifts

It includes shift system, on-site handover procedures, shift log, etc.

8. On-site logo management

It includes the identifications, signs and nameplates on the valves at the operation site should be intact and correct; the data display plates for the pipelines, equipment names, numbers, medium, flow direction, working pressure, and working temperature of the valve should be correct and eye-catching to prevent misoperation. Important valves should be locked and controlled.