What are the maintenance operations of the new valve before it is put into production


Pre-maintenance before the operation of the new valve i […]

Pre-maintenance before the operation of the new valve is an advanced construction concept. Its purpose is to protect the valve seat sealing device and prevent the valve seat from being damaged during installation, welding and commissioning. The pre-maintenance of the valve before it is put into use can make it better realize the functions of conduction, interception and diversion, which is not only conducive to early detection of problems, timely troubleshooting, and elimination of hidden dangers, but also prolongs the pipeline operation period and can better Provide a basis for the operation and maintenance of the valve after it is put into production.

Valve leakage mostly occurs in the early stage of use. The main reason is that the irregular operation during pipeline construction operation causes scratches on the sealing ring and valve ball. If these scratches are not repaired in time, the long-term leakage of the pipeline will cause serious consequences and switch Leakage caused by improper position limit damage to the sealing ring is also very serious.

The seat sealing ring is an important component of the valve. It is a soft seal. The sealing material includes chemical compounds such as nylon and fluororubber. The sealing form includes O-ring or embedded. Regardless of the material and installation of the sealing ring, it is unavoidable to wear and scour as well as damage from hard objects, resulting in internal leakage of the valve. Therefore, protecting the valve seat is the top priority in valve maintenance.

Once the valve cannot be opened or closed, the sealing device is damaged, the serious internal leakage, the grease injection nozzle is blocked or the external leakage occurs, it is difficult to eliminate it in time when the pipeline is under pressure. It needs to be relieved before processing, which will affect the production period. It also causes waste of human and material resources and pollutes the environment. Therefore, the pre-maintenance of the valve before it is put into operation is very important.