Unique advantages of pneumatic angle seat valves


Pneumatic angle seat valve, because it can maintain the […]

Pneumatic angle seat valve, because it can maintain the flow rate, save space, sensitive response, long service life, large flow, small flow resistance, etc.; generally applicable to natural gas, oil, chemical, metallurgy, paper, electricity, mining Automatic control or mediation control of fluids in printing, dyeing, bio-pharmaceutical, household chemicals, food and beverage, water treatment and air treatment industries, and automatic start-up instruments.

The pneumatic angle seat valve not only has the above advantages, but also has nine unique features:

1. Visual status indication: can be connected to limit switch or emergency manual installation.

2. Easy to connect: MAMUR specification connection, embedded metal joints.

3. Pneumatic angle seat valve has a variety of control methods: normally open, normally closed, double action.

4. No water hammer action, when the fluid flows in from below the valve stem, the water hammer (water impact force) is absorbed.

5. Easy to install: the pneumatic head can be rotated 360 degrees. One to two limit switches can be easily installed.

6. Smaller pneumatic actuators are required: a smaller control head can be selected when fluid flows in from above the valve stem.

7. Advanced pneumatic controller: thickened engineering plastic shell, safe and secure. Low-wear piston construction with large capacity and low consumption. External components are self-smooth and maintenance free.

8. Short life guide: pneumatic angle seat valve stem Teflon (PTFE) seal to prevent the introduction of stolen goods. Self-lubricating, maintenance free. The stem is specially treated to ensure optimum fixation and to automatically correct position.

9. Advanced valve body mechanism: The flow rate is 30% larger than the ordinary angle seat, the volume is smaller, and the fluid flow state is better. Stainless steel 316 valve body, Teflon seal, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance. Life expectancy is up to seven million times.