Types of pump and valve connection expansion joints


What is the classification of the pump and valve connec […]

What is the classification of the pump and valve connection expansion joint model? There are many types of pump and valve connection expansion joints, which are national standard products, which are mainly divided into the following types.

The expansion joints are divided into AY type gland type expansion joints, AF type flange type loose sleeve expansion joints, and BF type single flange limit parts. Expansion joint, B2F double flange limit expansion joint, BY type gland loose limit extension joint, CF single flange transfer joint, C2F double flange transfer joint. The AY type gland loose sleeve expansion joint is a device for connecting the pipe by a loose sleeve composed of a body, a sealing ring and a pressing member. Mainly used for compensating joints that absorb displacement and cannot withstand pressure thrust.

The BF type single flange limit expansion joint is composed of a loose sleeve expansion joint and a limit short tube. The utility model can prevent the leakage or damage of the compensation joint caused by the excessive displacement of the pipeline, and is mainly used for the loose joint connection of the pipeline which absorbs the axial displacement and the pressure thrust within the allowable displacement range, and is suitable for the one side to be connected with the flange and the one side welded with the pipeline.

During installation, adjust the installation length of the two ends of the product and the pipe or flange. Tighten the gland bolts evenly diagonally, and then adjust the limit nut. This will allow the pipe to flexibly expand and contract within the range of expansion and contraction, and lock the expansion and contraction. Ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.