The working principle of the throttle valve


The throttle valve is used to adjust the flow of the me […]

The throttle valve is used to adjust the flow of the medium in the equipment and the pipe. The working principle is mainly to change the flow passage area between the valve core and the valve seat to achieve the purpose of regulating the flow. The structure has multi-stage throttling and rotary cylinder type. Sleeve plunger type, flat gate type and cage type.

The large-scale thermal power plant has complex system and high requirements for medium regulation. Therefore, the regulating valve has wide application in the steam and water systems of the unit. With the continuous improvement of the automation degree of the unit, the regulation performance of the regulating valve is required. It is also constantly improving.

Valve disintegration

(1) Remove the compressed air pipe joint, solenoid valve, etc. connected to the air control mechanism.

(2) Loosen the nut that connects the operating mechanism drive rod to the valve stem, and loosen the lever until it disengages from the transmission rod.

(3) Loosen the nut of the upper control unit bracket of the valve cover, and lift the air control device to set it.

(4) Loosen the valve cap bolt and take the cap together with the door lever to set it.

(5) Loosen the gland bolt and pull out the door stem and the door core from the cap to set it.

(6) Take out the sleeve on the valve body and the split valve seat and gasket on the valve seat, and place them in a fixed position.