The thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline


When the glue is used, insert the inner wall of the pip […]

When the glue is used, insert the inner wall of the pipe socket and the outer wall of the pipe into the part, wipe it with a dry cloth, and apply a proper amount of glue to both ends. When some of the solvent is volatilized and the adhesiveness is enhanced, insert it with force. Use a blowtorch to heat the glue. , speed up the solidification speed, can be moved after 2 hours of docking.

The small diameter can be rotated by 90° to make the glue distribution more uniform, and the medium and large diameters are pulled in by the iron rod or the tensioner is pulled in, ensuring a better adhesion effect at the bottom of the insertion socket. In the winter outdoor construction, it is recommended to use the US imported glue to accelerate the solidification speed and increase the adhesive effect.

Consider the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline during the construction of the looper. The sleeve must have a telescopic gap. The gap is about 10mm below φ63mm, 15mm from φ75mm to φ110mm, about 20mm from φ140mm to φ160mm, and 25mm from φ200 to above. When the TS pipe is constructed, the telescopic joint must be installed when the straight pipe exceeds 50 m.

During the construction process, special attention should be paid to the earthwork excavated on both sides of the pipe ditch to prevent the excavated stone from falling into the pipe ditch and impacting the pipe. After the construction is completed, it should be backfilled immediately. The backfilled soil should be a good soil, and there should be no contact between the hard material and the pipe. The thickness of the good soil on both sides and above the pipe is 20-750px or more.