The PVC drain pipe is a substitute for the traditional drain pipe


PVC pipe home decoration is mainly used in the threadin […]

PVC pipe home decoration is mainly used in the threading pipe, which is used to protect the wire, and is used as a drain pipe. The water supply pipe is basically no PVC, and its hygiene is not as good as PP-R and PE. If it is floor heating, it is best to use PE-RT tube. PVC pipes not only protect the wires from damage, but also store the wires, which is not only easy to receive the wires in or through the ceiling, but also protects the wires from being scratched. Come.

The rigid PVC pipe for water supply is referred to as PVC-U water supply pipe. It is made of PVC resin as the main raw material, adding special additives and extruding through extruder. However, hygienic grade PVC resin powder with low residual vinyl chloride unit (VCM) is required, and non-toxic or low-toxic (organic tin or low lead content) heat stabilization system is adopted to ensure the hygienicity of the tube.

Different from PVC-U drain pipe, the pressure resistance performance of PVC-U water supply pipe is its main mechanical index, the mechanical equipment factors affecting the pressure resistance performance of the pipe, as well as the raw materials and formulation factors, but also the corresponding adjustment of the process. . For example, the gap between the extrusion screw and the barrel should not be too large; the larger supply amount and the larger compression ratio; the reasonable design and the corresponding reasonable process adjustment, the plasticization degree is controlled at 60%~70%. .

Where is the PVC pipe applied to the new house? The PVC drain pipe is a substitute for the traditional drain pipe. It has very good physical and chemical properties, and the inner wall is smooth. Therefore, the natural friction and small resistance are small when draining, so it is widely used in the indoor drainage system.