The order and position of the valve must be clearly defined


Firstly, remove the cylinder from the top of the valve […]

Firstly, remove the cylinder from the top of the valve body, start from the cover of the two ports of the cylinder, and completely disassemble the cover. When removing the piston, special attention should be paid to the direction of the gear bar, and then the cylinder shaft can be transferred clockwise to make the piston Move quickly to the outside.

The valve hole will be closed gradually, and then the internal piston will be completely pushed out with a large air pressure. In this way, it is necessary to pay attention to slowly and gradually ventilate the pneumatic valve, otherwise the piston will suddenly be ejected. This situation is very dangerous. It may cause injury to the operator and completely remove the catching spring above the cylinder shaft. Then take out the cylinder shaft from the other end of the valve. After the above preparations, all the parts inside the valve can be cleaned centrally, and the grease needs to be added to the parts. The parts that need to be added to the lubrication bet are: cylinder internal cavity wall, piston seal circle, gear sliver and back ring piece. A certain amount of butter is also required for the gear shaft and seal circle.

After adding grease to the pneumatic valve, it needs to be installed in the reverse order according to the order of disassembly and components. Some things need special attention when installing. Be sure to pay attention to the assembly position of the gear sliver to ensure that the piston can move quickly when the cylinder is ventilated. To the position inside the cylinder.

After the piston is fully retracted, it is necessary to keep the slot on the gear shaft and the cylinder body horizontal. When the pneumatic valve is closed, the piston moves to the outer position. At this time, the upper notch of the gear shaft is perpendicular to the cylinder body. The order and position of the valve must be clearly defined. First, you must understand the installation drawings before assembling. Prepare the parts to be assembled in advance, check the parts to see if there are any missing parts, place the parts on the work surface in a certain order, ensure that the parts are in the proper position when assembling, and the direction of the parts is also required. Keep it correct.