The maintenance of blind plate valve


The blind plate valve, which may also be called a eyegl […]

The blind plate valve, which may also be called a eyeglass valve, is a gate valve that cuts off the gaseous medium. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, light and flexible use, high temperature resistance, reliable sealing performance, convenient replacement and long service life.

Even the best tools require maintenance for longevity. Here is an introduction to the maintenance of blind valves:

1. The blind plate valve should check whether the product's attribute description matches the pipe design before installation.

2. The product is sold after inspection and test confirmation before leaving the factory. For the effect of use, please do not arbitrarily twist the parts of the product.

3. If the blind plate valve has a medium leak during the opening and closing process, it is recommended to install a pressure reducing control device (such as a butterfly valve) in front of the valve.

4. After the electrical installation is wired, the valve of the blind plate valve should be manually opened to the half-open position, and then the power supply is turned on. Note that the micro-switch must be used for debugging. After the opening and closing directions are correct, check whether the stroke control and torque control are valid. Once confirmed, you are ready to use. Note that if the power supply and motor phase sequence are wrong, the signal will indicate that the opening and closing directions are inconsistent with the actual opening and closing directions, which may damage the valve and cause a major accident.