The loading and the adjustment of the regulating valve


The loading of the regulating valve is carried out in t […]

The loading of the regulating valve is carried out in the reverse step of disintegration. Pay attention to the following points when loading:

1.The gasket should be replaced with a new one.

2. After the sleeve is installed, the sealing surface of the upper end should be kept at the same height as the sealing surface on the valve body to ensure the sealing effect of the cover head and the valve seat.

3.When the control seat is connected to the valve body, the nut of the transmission door rod should be tightened for easy adjustment.


After the valve is installed in place, the peripheral accessories such as the air control connector are installed in place, and the valve is adjusted with the thermal control personnel.

1.Turn on the compressed air, adjust the valve stem to the closed position, then operate the control device to open the valve, adjust the door lever to the closing direction for 2~3mm, and then the valve stem and the air control device The nut is fastened.

2. Adjust the valve to the off position, adjust the valve opening indication to the zero position, and then operate the valve switch several times to confirm the valve full stroke switch and the switch process is continuously active. If there is no card, the limit adjustment ends.

3.Adjust the action switch positioning plate so that the action of the action switch is correct when the valve is opened and closed.