Reduce the diameter of the valve to increase the service life


By increasing the diameter of the valve to increase the […]

By increasing the diameter of the valve to increase the working opening, the specific methods are as follows: 1. Change the valve of a small first diameter, such as DN32 to DN25; 2. The valve body does not change, replace the valve with small valve seat diameter Core valve seat. If a chemical plant is overhauled, the throttle dgl0 is replaced with dg8, and the service life is doubled.

Transferring the damage location improves the life and transfers the severely damaged area to a secondary location to protect the sealing and throttling surfaces of the valve seat.

The simplest way to increase the throttling channel is to thicken the seat to increase the seat bore and create a longer throttling channel. On the one hand, the sudden expansion after the flow-closing type of throttling can be postponed, and the position of the transfer is destroyed to make it away from the sealing surface; on the other hand, the throttling resistance is increased, the degree of recovery of the pressure is reduced, and the steam is reduced. The eclipse weakens. Some design the valve seat hole as a stepped, wave type, in order to increase the resistance and reduce the cavitation. This method is often used when introducing high pressure valves in the installation and retrofitting old valves, and is also very effective.