Pvc tubing can be shaped in two ways


PVC pipe equipment is one of the most common plastic pi […]

PVC pipe equipment is one of the most common plastic pipe equipment. It is mainly composed of an extruder, an extruder head die, a vacuum sizing box, a tractor, a mixer, and a cutter.

Through the mixing system, various raw materials needed for the pipe materials are mixed gradually and evenly after hot-mixing, cold-mixing and other steps, and then are blown into a dry silo for use. The Roots blower sucks the material into the hopper under the main machine, and adopts different feeding methods.

For example, the KMD-60 screw adopts the method of metering and feeding, and the KMD-114 uses the gravity feeding and the like to feed the extruder. The material is in the extruder. Through the shearing of the screw and the effect of external heat, the plasticizer enters the extruder head on average, and the material is given a certain shape in the head, and further plasticizing leaves the extruder.

Pvc tubing can be shaped using internal pressure and vacuum sizing two methods. For example: vacuum sizing method, after the initial molding of the pipe head first enter the spray sizing box, the pipe through the sizing sleeve, and then through the pipe outside the wall spray sizing box pvc pipe vacuum, so that the pipe Internal pressure and close to the inner wall of the sizing sleeve, at the same time the pipe under the action of spray water quickly cooling and forming.