How to test the leakage of the regulating valve


Control valve leakage test method Type A test method 1. […]

Control valve leakage test method

Type A test method

1.1 The test medium is a cleaning gas (air or nitrogen) or a liquid (water or kerosene) at 5 ° C to 40 ° C.

1.2 The test medium pressure is 0.35 MPa, and the specified allowable pressure difference is used when the allowable pressure difference of the valve is less than 0.35 MPa.

1.3 The measurement accuracy of pressure is ±2%.

1.4 The measurement accuracy of leakage is ±5%.

1.5 The test medium shall enter from the specified inlet end of the valve body, and the outlet end shall be connected to the atmosphere or connected to a measuring device with low head loss.

1.6 The actuator shall be adjusted to the specified working conditions. If the gas used has a strong impact on normal shutdown, springs or other measures shall be used. If the test pressure difference is lower than the maximum working pressure difference of the valve, no additional value compensation shall be made for the seat load.

1.7 When using water for testing, care should be taken to remove gases from the valve body and piping.