How to properly do daily maintenance of the valve


1. The storage of the valve should be paid attention to […]

1. The storage of the valve should be paid attention to. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated open air and at both ends of the congested passage.

2. The valve should be checked regularly, and the dirt on it should be wiped dry, and anti-rust oil should be smeared on the outside.

3. Valves after installation and use should be inspected regularly to ensure their normal operation.

4. Check whether the valve sealing surface is worn or not, and try to repair or change it according to the environment.

5. Check the trapezoidal rib wear environment of the valve stem and valve stem nut, whether the packing has expired, etc., and implement necessary changes.

6. The sealing function of the valve should be tested to ensure its performance.

7. The valve in operation should be prepared, and the bolts and threads on the flange and bracket are not damaged and there is no sign of loosening.

8. If the handwheel is lost, it should be prepared in time, and an adjustable wrench should not be used to replace it.

9. The packing gland is not allowed to be skewed or have no pre-tightening gap.

10. If the valve is used in poor conditions and is easily infected by rain, snow, dust, sand and other dirt, a protective cover should be installed for the valve stem.

11. The ruler on the valve should be connected complete, accurate and clear, and the valve should be sealed and capped.

12. There should be no dents or cracks in the insulation jacket.

13. Valves in operation should be prevented from beating and stacking heavy objects.