How to extend the service life of the regulating valve


1. Large opening work extended life method Let the regu […]

1. Large opening work extended life method

Let the regulator work as far as possible at the maximum opening, such as 90%. Thus, cavitation, erosion, and the like occur on the head of the spool. As the spool is broken, the flow rate increases, and the corresponding valve is closed again. This is continuously destroyed and gradually closed, so that the entire spool is fully utilized until the root of the spool and the sealing surface are broken and cannot be used. At the same time, the large opening degree of the throttle opening is large, and the erosion is weakened. This allows the valve to work at the intermediate opening degree and the small opening degree to increase the life of the valve by more than one to five times. If a chemical plant adopts this method, the service life of the valve is increased by 2 times.

2. Reduce S to increase the working opening and improve the life method

Decrease S, that is, increase the loss of the system except the regulating valve, so that the pressure drop distributed to the valve is reduced. In order to ensure the flow through the regulating valve, the opening of the regulating valve is inevitably increased, and at the same time, the pressure drop on the valve is reduced, so that Cavitation and erosion are also weakened. The specific methods include: the pressure drop of the orifice plate after the valve is throttled; the manual valve connected in series on the pipeline is closed, and the valve is obtained to obtain a better working opening. This method is very simple, convenient and effective when the valve selection is at a small opening.