Energy saving effect of radiator thermostatic valve in heating system


The radiator thermostatic valve is correctly installed […]

The radiator thermostatic valve is correctly installed in the heating system, and the user can adjust and set the temperature according to the requirements of room temperature. This ensures that the room temperature of a room is constant, avoiding the imbalance of the riser water volume and the uneven room temperature of the upper and lower layers of the single pipe system. At the same time, through the effects of constant temperature control, free heat, economic operation, etc., it can not only improve the comfort of the indoor thermal environment, but also achieve energy saving.

Constant temperature control:

Dynamically adjust the output as the climate changes, control the room temperature constant, and save energy. At the same time, eliminating temperature levels and vertical offsets can also be beneficial loops to reduce energy waste while at the same time making unfavorable loops meet flow and temperature requirements.

Free heat:

The heat of sunlight, human activity, cooking, electrical appliances, etc. is called heating free heat. This part of the heat is not fully considered in the design operation due to uncertainty, and is only considered as a safety factor. After the room temperature control, this part of the energy can replace part of the heat dissipation. At the same time, the room temperature difference of different orientations can be eliminated, which improves the comfort of the city's thermal environment and saves energy.

Economic operation:

Office buildings, public buildings do not need full load heating at night and rest days. Residential users also try to avoid unheated heat to save energy and heat. Different temperature control modes can be implemented in different rooms: when the staff is concentrated in the living room, the bedroom temperature can be lowered, the living room temperature can be increased; during the rest period, the bedroom temperature can be increased, the living room temperature Can reduce settings and more. These measures can be achieved through the radiator thermostat valve, which has achieved energy saving purposes.