[Popular stickers] Introduction to the welding process of PPH pipe


The PPH tube is β-modified for ordinary PP material, so […]

The PPH tube is β-modified for ordinary PP material, so that it has a uniform and fine β crystal structure, and has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and good insulation properties. Quantity products.

1、 cutting

Use a special cutter to cut the pipe to the required size. Be careful not to run the line when cutting the pipe, and slowly screw it into the blade. Do not push it too fast, otherwise it will damage the blade. When the cutter is difficult to rotate, the cutter should be reversed, the blade removed, and the line re-run.

2、 preheating

The preheating pressure is adjusted to the welding required pressure with a hydraulic regulating valve. Adjustment method: lock the heating pressure relief valve, the hydraulic operating rod advances, and the pressure gauge displays the pressure. When the required pressure is not reached, loosen the heated pressure relief valve to reduce the pressure gauge display to zero, re-adjust the hydraulic pressure regulating valve, and then lock the heated pressure relief valve until the pressure is expressed to the required pressure. The temperature setting panel on the welder control platform is used to set the temperature of the hot melt welding, and the temperature of the heating plate is controlled to match the melting of the welding surface. Red shows the set temperature and green shows the current temperature. When the red light on the panel jumps to the green light, hot-melt welding can be performed. The PPH hot melt temperature is generally set between 195 ° C and 205 ° C.

3、 the counterpart

1 Select the appropriate mold and fix the welded pipe section to the operating platform with a wrench. Note: When fixing, tighten the fastening screws at both ends of the clamp one by one to avoid the pipe section not leveling; when the two pipe sections are retracted to the maximum after the hydraulic operating lever is retracted, the distance should not be less than the thickness of the electric cutting machine; the welding surface of each pipe section should be protruding When the 40~50mm pipe section is long, pay attention to the overall level.
2 The hydraulic operating lever is pushed to the maximum and the two pipe segments are matched. Visually measure the misalignment of the weld surface, and touch the hand on the lower half to make the two seams horizontal. When the requirements are not met, adjust the screws at both ends to make the welds have no wrong mouth and reach the level;
3 visually measure the joints of the two welded joints, to achieve no obvious gaps in the joints; if any, use an electric cutter to grind the joints. Place the cutting machine on the operating frame, start the cutting machine, and then the hydraulic propulsion rod is operated by another person, and the pipe section is pressed against the cutting machine with the set pressure; the welding surface is visually cut until the welding surface is flush. Retract the hydraulic clamp, take out the cutting machine, and put it back into the tool placement frame; Note: After retracting the hydraulic clamp, do not rush to stop the cutting machine, and let the cutting machine turn a few turns before removing it. It can make the welding surface smoother and prevent the cross section.
4 Clean the welding surface and use a clean cloth to remove a small amount of acetone to clean the welding surface.

4、 heating

Remove the hot plate that has reached the required temperature from the tool placement rack. Place it on the operating frame and push the hydraulic clamp on one side of the welding surface to bring the pressure to the required welding pressure. When the hot melt flange of the welding surface reaches 1mm, the heating pressure relief valve is released, the heating pressure is removed, and after waiting for a certain period of time, the hot melt butt joint of the welding surface is required. Note: The heating plate must be placed vertically.