June Shanghai large-scale exhibition meeting will begin soon


The 8th FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai International Pump and […]

The 8th FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from June 3rd to 5th, 2019.

Our booth number: 6.2H736 (Building No. 6), experienced sales team and professional technicians are always ready, look forward to your arrival!

Our company displays the core technology and the latest products at the exhibition site to present a more refined product display for the audience. The materials and specifications are complete, and the customers can understand the company and products more intuitively at the site, where the sales staff can provide more professional technology.

During the exhibition, at the 6.2H736 booth of our company, the booth was wonderful and colorful, the booth was bustling, the visitors were in a constant stream, and friends from all walks of life and many customers and our sales staff enthusiastically communicated and communicated at the booth.


Our sales staff will distribute the sample selection and company qualification of Kaixin products to each consultant, and give each consultant a detailed product explanation and introduction, which will promote better cooperation and exchange between the two parties.I hope to open up more markets in the future and provide more boutique services to customers.