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Kaixin Carnival Season Hello everyone, welcome to Kaixi […]

Kaixin Carnival Season

Hello everyone, welcome to Kaixin Live Studio
Oh my god!
2 million people are already waiting!

All customers we started
Behind me is Kaixin's Fairy Sample Room
The products on display are too complete, right?

Five materials are complete
Valves, fittings, pipes, pumps are everything

Let's take a look at this CPVC universal handle butterfly valve
Flange hole distance is applicable to national, American, Japanese and German standards;
Hollow body design, while increasing strength
Reduce own weight and load-bearing pressure of the pipeline;
The valve body has a wider edge design, and the valve flap adds multiple ribs.
Makes the valve more durable! Buy it!

This PVDF ball valve is exquisite in appearance, smooth in surface,
Fine processing, full flow design, double-layer O-ring leakage protection,
Very foreign, very delicate and fashionable.
Do you really want to buy it?


To give a shot to the UPVC swing check valve,
Say 4 without saying anything else.
1.Prevent liquid from flowing back, protect pump equipment, etc.
2. Because it is a cantilever check valve,
Less resistance to fluids.
3. Made of all plastic materials,
The strong corrosion resistance of corrosive fluids such as acids and bases.
4. Not only can the valve body be removed from the piping,
Moreover, the bonnet can be opened for internal inspection and maintenance.
Wow, there are too many advantages.

Expect crazy orders during your live broadcast,
We have fully stocked up, and do n’t worry about selling good goods!
And in order for everyone to receive the product faster,
Our live broadcast will start at the same time
Shipped in order! !! !!

Well, rest assured to place an order for the previous product
Next we look at one
[Combined Products]
Our pipe fittings combination 90 ° elbow, socket flange,
Reducing tees, cores, heads, etc.
These are the best-selling types of fittings this year.
Five combinations of five materials to meet all your needs.
buy! it! Guys! Absolutely not wrong!

Let's take a look at the pipes from our extrusion workshop.
Our family is the largest DN600,
Small caliber pipes are even more important.
Multiple production lines operate simultaneously,
It meets the production needs of all caliber products while ensuring the stability of product performance.
Do not hesitate! Buy it!

The imported raw materials we use are all global high-end brands
Ensure product quality from the source,
Only by buying such products can you set off your honor!

OK, so this is the end of Kaixin ’s live broadcast today!
Thank you for your support to Kaixin!
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Can I add chicken legs tonight, hee hee hee ~