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“Chongyang wins the spring blessings every year and com […]

“Chongyang wins the spring blessings every year and comes to wish you a birthday.” To celebrate the 28th Old Age Festival, the Nineteenth Victory Party of the festive party was held. Jiufengshan Community, under the sponsorship of a member of the Harmony and Co-Construction Council and Ningbo Kaixin Pump & Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd., organized the Fifth Collective Birthday Celebration and the Nineteenth Nineteenth Great Arts Show with “The Most Beautiful Sunset, the Strongest September Day.”



"Modao Sang evening, for the Xia Shangtian." Respecting the elderly, loving old people and helping old people are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and are an important part of promoting the development of a harmonious society. We will uphold this virtue, as always, to support the elderly, love the old, in the daily life, to help the elderly solve the difficulties of life, give the elderly some care, let the elderly have a happy and healthy old age.