Classifications of Environmentally friendly water treatment valves


Environmentally friendly water treatment valves have di […]

Environmentally friendly water treatment valves have different requirements according to their types and uses, so they choose different valves, mainly including sealing, strength, regulation, circulation, opening and closing. In the process of selecting the valve, in addition to considering the basic parameters and performance, the performance of the valve should also be considered. So what are the different valve performance characteristics?

Environmental performance water treatment valve structural performance valves are mainly divided into the following major categories:

1. Cut off valve

Mainly used to cut off or turn on the media stream. Including gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm valve, ball valve, plug valve, butterfly valve, plunger valve, instrument needle valve and so on.

2. Regulating valve

Mainly used to regulate the flow, pressure, etc. of the medium. Including regulating valves, throttle valves, pressure reducing valves, etc.

3. Check valve

Used to prevent media from flowing backwards. Includes check valves of various constructions.

4. Diverter valve

Used to separate, dispense or mix media. It includes distribution valves and traps of various structures.