Analysis of Causes of Water Leakage and Oil Leakage in Pipeline Valves


1. Prevent the valve from leaking or leaking All valves […]

1. Prevent the valve from leaking or leaking

All valves must be tested for different levels of water pressure after entering the plant.

Valves that need to be dismantled for repair need to be ground.

During the overhaul process, carefully check whether the packing is added and the packing cap is tightened.

Before installing the valve, it is necessary to check whether there are dust, sand, iron oxide and other debris inside the valve. If any of the above items must be cleaned before installation.

All valves require a corresponding level of gasket before installation.

Tighten the fasteners when installing the flanged door, and tighten them in a symmetrical direction when tightening the flange bolts.

During the valve installation process, all valves are correctly installed according to the system and pressure, and it is strictly forbidden to install and mix. For this purpose, all valves are numbered according to the system before installation and recorded.

2. Prevent oil system from leaking and running oil

The system with the oil storage tank must be carefully inspected and cleaned before installation.

Hydrostatic testing is required for equipment with oil coolers.

For the oil pipeline system, hydraulic pressure test and pickling work are also required.

All flange connections or threaded unions are fitted with oil-resistant rubber pads or oil-resistant asbestos pads during oil line installation.

The oil system leaks are mainly concentrated on the flange and the threaded union, so the bolts are evenly tightened when installing the flange. Prevent leaks or tightness.

In the process of oil filtration, construction workers always stick to their jobs, and it is strictly forbidden to leave the post and to be separated.

The oil filter mechanism is stopped when the filter paper is replaced.

When installing the temporary oil connection pipe (high-strength plastic transparent hose), tie the joint with the lead wire to prevent the oil from escaping after the oil filter machine runs for a long time.

The construction staff with strong responsibility is responsible for the work of the oil filter.

Before the auxiliary oil system starts the oil circulation, the engineering department organizes a detailed technical briefing for the personnel responsible for the auxiliary oil circulation.