PVDF Flange 1 way Manual Plastic Diaphragm Valve Manufacturers

PVDF Flange 1 way Manual Plastic Diaphragm Valve

PVDF Flange 1 way Manual Plastic Diaphragm Valve

High quality PVDF Soft Seal Manual Through Way Plastic Industrial Sanitary Manual Flange 1 way Diaphragm Valve for water supply

Application: General

Material: Plastic

Temperature of Media: High Temperature, Medium Temperature

Pressure: Medium Pressure

Power: Manual

Media: Acid

Port Size: DN15-DN300

Structure: Diaphragm Valve

Connection:Flange Ends



Working pressure:0-10bar

Valve type:1-way


Delivery Time:7 Days

MOQ:1 Piece

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PVDF Flange 1 way Manual Plastic Diaphragm Valve Details

Main structural features
1. Good external seal performance
With 3d CAD/CAE analysis, diaphragm valves are fitted with suitable depth of body and proper depth of screws. In addition, with high elastic rubber, the sealing performance of the valve is improved.
2. Easy to operate
To reduce friction, the shape of the material and sliding parts has been updated. The proper seat shape improves the operating procedure.


App temperature bound list


Material Medium temperature°C Material Medium temperature°C
RPP -14℃~+90℃ PVDF -40℃~+140℃
UPVC -10℃~+70℃ CPVC -20℃ ~+95℃



Part material list


No. Name Material
1 Cover limit AS
2 Stud Steel,StainlessSteel.
3 Retaining Nut FRPP
4 Washer FRPP
5 Wheel Alloy material
6 Platen Steel,StainlessSteel
7 Double headed stud and Nut Steel,StainlessSteel
9 Yoke Nut Ht300 Steel
10 Stem Steel,StainlessSteel
11 Disc FRPP、PVDF、UPVC、CPVC、PPH、Steel、StainlessSteel、C.I.FRP
12 Flim EPDM、FPM
13 Diaphragm F46.PFA
15 Platen Steel,StainlessSteel


Working pressure and working temperature list

Dimension List

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