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Circular Gate Valve

Circular Gate Valve

Product Structure Features
1.The structure length is short series, the valve is light weight which can save the pipeline support rack. The valve can scrape out the attached media and help seal the valve during the opening and closing.
2.The circular gate valve is good for cutting off the medium,slag,valve operation and and unblocked. The valve adopts the clamp connection, the wedge type limit block can provide the sealing force, the seal is reliable. Guide nails provide good guidance. The wear-resistant bushing of different materials can be provided to extend the service life of the valve.
3.The driving device (electric, gearbox, pneumatic, liquid) can be optional.

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Circular Gate Valve Details

Part material list


No. Name Material
1 Hand whell Cast lron Alloy material
2 Retaining Nut FRPP
3 Stem seal PTFE
4 Threaded joints Steel
5 Hex bolt Steel
6 Bonnet FRPP
7 Stem Steel
8 Hex bolt Steel
9 Copper Copper
10 Board FRPP
11 Hexagonal nut Steel
12 Body FRPP

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