【Science paste】Ball valve working principle and structural principle 3D demonstration


The ball valve opening and closing member is a ball tha […]

The ball valve opening and closing member is a ball that is driven by the valve stem and rotated 90° around the axis of the ball valve to open or close. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control. It is mainly used to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. It has good sealing performance, convenient operation, quick opening and closing, simple structure, small volume, low resistance and light weight. Features.

1. Drive the ball to the left through the valve stem, rotate 90 degrees, all open
2. Drive the ball to the right through the valve stem, rotate 90 degrees, all closed

Ball valve structure principle

1. The ball valve is composed of a valve body, a valve stem, a sealing seat and a sphere.
2. The ball core of the ball valve is round, and the spherical opening can be adjusted by the analog signal to achieve precise adjustment.
3, the use of rubber seals, reliable sealing.
4, high temperature resistance, different temperature range of different materials of the valve, the highest temperature can withstand 150 °.
5, the structure is simple, free to disassemble the seal, replace the sealing material, easy to use.
6, long service life, under normal working conditions, multi-frequency operation, no need to replace the seal, can be 100,000 times of continuous action.
7. Since the ball valve has wiping property during the opening and closing process, it can be used in a medium with suspended solid particles.
8, full-path structure, small fluid resistance, large flow, flow is not lost.
9, the opening and closing speed is fast, open and close only 90 degrees of rotation, the fastest opening time of 1 second.