Shanghai International Pump And Valve Exhibition


The 8th FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai International Pump and […]

The 8th FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition will grandly open at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on June 3rd - 5th, 2019.


Our company booth number: 6.2H736 (Building No. 6), experienced sales team and professional technicians are always ready, look forward to your arrival!

The World Circle is a super-large-scale World Environmental Expo platform on the world. It aims to integrate traditional municipal, civil and industrial environmental protection with environmental comprehensive management and smart environmental protection to create an industry-influenced business communication platform.


During the exhibition, in addition to the traditional municipal units, engineering (installation) companies, design institutes and distribution and agents, exhibitors can also reach the professional audience coverage of 28 terminal industries: food, beverage, brewing, textile, leather, Printing and dyeing, paper, printing, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, steel, metallurgy, rubber, cement, electricity, electronics, automotive, marine, machinery, construction, gas, public facilities, municipal, water, agriculture, etc.


Through cooperation with a number of international environmental innovation and innovation institutions, associations and industry media, nearly 100 special forums and events launched by the World Circle will also share the technology and market prospects, while providing exhibitors with additional exposure opportunities. Help companies to maintain customer relationships more efficiently, expand business cooperation, promote new products and services, enhance brand image, and thus gain an advantage in market competition! Three days of infinite business opportunities are worthy of every industry company to grasp!


KAIXIN PIPELINE TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD. invites you to participate in the 8th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition. I hope that through this exhibition, we will discuss and exchange together, so that we can cooperate more deeply and jointly develop the market. Thank you for your support and guidance!