[Honor]Our Company Won Two Consecutive Special Honors


At present, the new crown epidemic spread, but this can […]

At present, the new crown epidemic spread, but this can not stop the company's rapid development. Good news frequently-after obtaining the "Polymer Pipe Valve Engineering Technology Center Certification", Kaixin has also obtained the "National High-tech Enterprise Certificate", demonstrating the company's development strength.

"Enterprise Engineering Technology Center" is not only a platform for technological innovation and high-tech industrialization, but also an important carrier for enterprises to undertake scientific research projects and the promotion of scientific and technological achievements.
After winning the "Polymer Pipe Valve Engineering Technology Center Certification", it was once again successfully recognized as the "National High-tech Enterprise Certificate", which is a high degree of recognition and recognition of our company's overall technical level, further enhancing the company's comprehensive strength and reputation It also laid the foundation for the development of high-end markets at home and abroad.

The reason why Kaixin Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. was able to win this honor stems from the long-term strict requirements on its own products and the unremitting pursuit and expansion of advanced technology. Being able to obtain a "high-tech enterprise certificate" with an extremely high gold content is also a qualitative leap in the development process of quality, innovation and technology.

Our company will use the titles of "polymer pipe valve engineering technology center" and "high-tech enterprise" as incentives and spurs, continue to increase investment in research and development, cultivate talent teams, rely on high-tech, standardized management, and scientific management to enhance the brand image , So as to further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise market and create better results!