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In spring and March, the virus became known as if it we […]

In spring and March, the virus became known as if it were cold winter, and gradually went to the city to return to the past.

In strict accordance with Beilun District's "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Enterprise Reinstatement Epidemic Situation", our company actively implements prevention and control measures, establishes "one person and one file", and scientifically and orderly initiates the work of resumption. At present, nearly 90% of employees have returned to work in batches to carry out routine work in an orderly manner. However, we know that the epidemic situation is not over, we will continue to strictly follow the enterprise's need for reinstatement of epidemic prevention, and always adhere to the prevention and control of epidemic situation on the one hand, and the resumption of production with one hand, and work together to advance the production and operation safely and orderly.

Under the epidemic, people live together and help each other. Get the maximum expression. As small as individuals, families, companies, and the world, it is a community of interests in front of the virus, and no one can be outside the threat of the virus. Although the epidemic in Zhejiang has entered a stable period, in order to further fight the second half of the epidemic prevention and control, we should not be relaxed either for enterprises or individuals.


Our epidemic prevention materials are adequately prepared to ensure hard-core protection. But as individuals, we should strengthen our exercise, work regularly, and continue to abide by the company's daily office management system during the outbreak. Being the best one is the biggest contribution to society.

1.Go to work

Returning employees go to work at different peaks and enter and leave the company in batches.


The plant area, office area, living area, and production area are disinfected daily, a ledger is established, and supervision is carried out.

3.In the office

Maintain ventilation and personnel separation, do not cross positions or gather people, use office software for office and communication as much as possible.

4.At lunch

Box lunch system, unified catering, cross-peak dining, to ensure the health and safety of the workers who resume work. production

Strengthen supervision, accountability, discover problems, and implement reforms.


Logistics pulls goods in different peaks and insists on implementing disinfection and protection measures.

If you are the nation's anti-epidemic, you must win. Obey the company's instructions to effectively help prevent and control the epidemic!