Safety is the most important thing; preventing problems before they happen


In order to carry out the 18th “Safe Production Month” […]

In order to carry out the 18th “Safe Production Month” activity in the country, in order to improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, cultivate the ability of employees to deal with fires, enhance the awareness of emergency, and enable employees to be orderly and timely in the event of fire. Effectively evacuate the scene of the accident, reduce and avoid accidents, and improve the emergency response capabilities of employees. Kaixin launched a fire emergency drill this afternoon.


How to properly use dry powder fire extinguishers 


Before use,turn the bottle upside down several times to loosen the dry powder in the tube, then remove the seal, remove the safety pin, hold the nozzle in the left hand, and press the handle on the right. The wind is 2 meters away from the flame, right hand. Press down on the pressure handle, swing the left and right hand with the nozzle, and spray dry powder to cover the burning area until all the fire is extinguished.


Throughout the exercise, all employees actively participated and enthusiastically filled, and the fire drill was a complete success.


Through this drill, the fire safety awareness of employees was further improved, and the importance and necessity of fire fighting work were further recognized. The emergency treatment methods in case of unexpected fire accidents were learned, and work was safe for the future. The development laid a solid foundation.